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The recently released IBM Systems Director 6.2 becomes much much faster when startup.

Director 6.1 takes about 10 minutes to become “Active” status after running  smstart on a 2G Mem/2.6G Dual core x86 Linux.  Now Director 6.2 only takes about 5 minutes. Great performance improvement!


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The installation of Dircector 6.x failed (just hung there). Then re-run dirinstall.server, saying:

Installation Summary
Name Level Part Event Result
DirectorCommonAgent 6.x.0.0 ROOT APPLY FAILED
DirectorCommonAgent 6.x.0.0 ROOT CLEANUP SUCCESS
Installation of IBM Systems Director Server did not complete successfully.

And run “installp –C” can’t solve this issue.


  1. # smit maintain_software
  2. select Remove Installed Software
  3. enter name DirectorCommonAgent
  4. set preview to “no”, press ENTER, exit smit
  5. run “dirinstall.server

Get more info on IBM doc library.

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What is IBM Systems Director?
IBM Systems Director is IBM’s family of platform management solutions designed to provide IT professionals with the tools they need to virtualize more and manage less of their IT infrastructure. Through IBM Systems Director, customers will be able to manage both physical and virtual IT resources spanning servers, storage and networking. As virtualization becomes more pervasive, IT professionals require a unified management solution that allows for fast and easy monitoring, provisioning and automation of the physical and virtualized resources across their IT infrastructure. The IBM Systems Director family helps address these needs through modular, industry standards based solutions that provide IT professionals with the help they need to more efficiently and effectively manage their IT environment.

What are the key things people should know about IBM Systems Director family?
I. IBM Systems Director family intended to help clients virtualize more and manage less

II. IBM Systems Director family unifies under one strategy, IBM’s server and storage management solutions and builds on this foundation to provide new virtualization management support, with the goal of helping clients to manage physical and virtual resources together across multiple, heterogeneous systems.

III. IBM Systems Director family is a modular, open standards based solution that includes a base set of capabilities for businesses of all sizes, platform specific extensions, and optional value added extensions for more advanced capabilities.

IV. The IBM Systems Director family includes value added extensions which range in capabilities from: workload management (EWLM); usage metering and accounting (IUAM); and advanced monitoring (ITM) from IBM. In addition, IBM Systems Director’s support of industry standards allows for the delivery of 3rd party value added extensions

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